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No Water, No Problem!

It doesn’t matter if it's water tanks or well pumps, pressure tanks or just a hole in your pipes, when you don’t have water and you call Gainesville Pump, you get an immediate emergency response. We know that it’s impossible to live without water. Life as you know it has come to a virtual standstill. There’s no chores being done, no toilets being flushed, and we understand that it can put you in a panic.


Gainesville Pump prides itself on getting to your place to fix your water problem the same day of your call! When you call us, here’s what you can expect…


  1. You don’t have water and your pump’s not running. Or maybe it is running, so why isn’t there water? Call Gainesville Pump at 352-378-8148 or 386-462-1515.
  2. We're usually on a job already but we will take your call. You ask, “Dennis, I don’t have any water, can you get here today to fix it?" 95% of the time, depending on what we are working on, where we are at and where you are, we will be on site to fix your water problem the same day! We serve the North Florida area – the cities of Archer, Newberry, Alachua, Gainesville, Micanopy, High Springs, Brooker, Melrose, Waldo, Earleton, Ft. White, Williston, Hawthorne, Windsor, MacIntosh, Trenton and LaCrosse, just to name a few.
  3. Once we get to your place, the troubleshooting begins. We have a procedure we go through to eliminate the most common problems until we figure out why you have no water.
  4. We go to work to fix it and before we leave, we will confirm that your water is running again and everything is working correctly.

Better Water — Better Service

We do scheduled maintenance and repair, too!

Of course, it’s always better to take care of your water supply system before it breaks so you can avoid panic altogether! That’s why we have a crew that takes care of scheduled maintenance and repair on a regular basis.

A water pump is usually good for about 13-15 years. There are lots of costly repairs that can be avoided by a once-a-year check on your system. If you are experiencing reduced water pressure or a very high electric bill that can’t be explained away by an energy audit, give us a call so we can fix it before it becomes an emergency.

Pre-purchase inspection of your water well equipment

If you are buying a home or property that has a well, there are a few things you should know about taking good care of it so it's not an energy drain on your house and money drain on your wallet. Is the size of the tank big enough for your family's use? On numerous occasions, we find undersized or poorly-repaired equipment and that can cost you a lot of money in the long run! Make sure you know what you're getting before you buy that house with a well.


Better Water — Better Service

My Professional Advice to You

A lot of people will try to help you save money by offering their advice on how to maintain or fix your well. Everyone from your neighbor across the street to some guy on the internet. A "do it yourself" repair or maintenance may cause you big headaches and a costlier repair or replacement of your water equipment in the long run. If you are experiencing problems with your water system, call Gainesville Pump. Your satisfaction with our work is guaranteed!