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Does this dirty hose water look familiar to you?

Does this look familiar? Are you seeing 'dirty' water, or are your clothes not coming as clean as they used to? If so, it's time to do something about it. You'll be surprised that it might not be as expensive or intensive as you may think.

A problem with the pump, tank, pipe or other components can cause water quality issues. Before recommending any action be taken, action that could be unnecessarily costly to the homeowner, we insist upon a full system inspection. An inspection of the water system can reveal innocuous problems, for example like a hole developing in the pipe on which the pump is suspended and, as a result, the water has become contaminated with dirt and sand.

When evaluating your system, we prove a very thorough inspection including all of these tasks:

  • Maximum pressure output.

  • Rate of flow in gallons per minute.

  • Amperage usage.

  • Pressure tank pre-charge.

  • Pressure tank draw down

  • Check for unnecessary friction losses

  • Proper function of all system components.

  • Proper function and performance of water treatment equipment

  • Water quality test

It is very important to us that the work we do is not only of the highest quality and caliber of professionalism, but also the most appropriate solution to every problem. This is where we stand out from our competition: when we can, we'll always give you the inexpensive fix over the expensive new equipment. That is unless, of course, you're looking to upgrade!

You can rest assured that we'll take care of your brown water problem, whether it's a simple fix or a new conditioning system. Before you know it you'll go from the left picture to the right.

Erica Bales