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We visit many of our patrons once a year for a “tune-up” of their water system. There is lots of “wear and tear” that may happen to your water system over a year’s time and our tune-up can help you avoid higher utility bills resulting from a poorly-performing well water system. A simple repair that we could find and fix during a maintenance visit could avoid a much larger problem that could result in an expensive emergency call to us down the road.

Here are some signals that your system might be in need of the Gainesville Pump maintenance program : 

  • Low tank Pressure. Symptoms include rapid cycling of the  pump, turning on and off rapidly.  Pulsating pressure, for example, while taking a shower.  A higher than normal electric bill, anywhere from tens to hundreds of dollars higher. Audible clicking sound, sometimes when no water is even being used. 

  • Worn check valves. A loud bang occurs when the pump turns on or off.  When the water that was just pumped into the pressure tank rushes back into the well, (can also exhibit the same symptom as a low pressurized tank)   The water suddenly turns turbid, or cloudy.  Sand starts to become a problem, clogging the aerators in all the fixtures, and in particular the cold water side of the washing machine, the fill cycle  takes forever to fill the tub!

  • Weak components. Intermittent operation of the pump, pump will stop pumping for a short time then all of a sudden resume pumping.   This is sometimes caused by a thermal switch taking the pump out of the circuit to prevent it from self-destructing, due to any number of issues.  If neglected, will cause premature failure of the well pump.


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