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First Things First: Let Me See the Back of Your Toilet

When our guys show up to diagnose your well system there are a lot of nuanced steps to our approach depending upon the symptoms. When a customer finds themself with a mixed bag of issues, from reduced water pressure to increased back pressure on the pump to orange stains and slimy sinks there's one quick, sure-fire way to determine if you've got an iron problem. A quick peak into the back of your toilet will tell the technician everything they need to know about your iron situation.

Chips and flakes of iron as well as a deep orange stain is a dead giveaway of iron in the water. Iron bacteria is a little more sly. Do you notice the oil-slick on the surface of the water in the image to the left? How about the buildup around the edges of the ceramic? There's your iron bacteria.

It is important to note that iron bacteria is not a health risk to your, your family or your pets.

Iron bacteria found in well pumps can be a problem in Gainesville and other parts of North Florida.  Iron bacteria can cause build-up in pipes and greatly reduce the pipe diameter. This restriction causes major blockages in the plumbing which can cause a whole slew of problems: reduced water pressure in the home, excessive  back pressure on the pump and staining of all fixtures or anything else that comes in contact with the water. 

For  iron bacteria removal in this instance, Gainesville Pump would replace the piping in the well,shock chlorinate the welland house piping to kill off the bacteria, followed by a complete purge of the system.  The chlorination of the well and piping is only an initial step,the water system needs a chlorinating dosage system installationto have an iron and bacteria-free water supply.

Erica Bales