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3 Things You MUST Do Before Buying a House with Well Water

First, if you are considering the purchase of a home that has a well, you should have a pre-purchase inspection performed. This will inform you as to the water equipment’s state of repair and performance deficiencies, if any. This information can be exceedingly important as you prepare to negotiate a final proposal.

During the pre-purchase inspection, Gainesville Pump will verify that there is a proper separation between your well, home, waste systems and chemical storage facilities. Additionally we will determine the location of the top of the well. Preferably it should be above grade to prevent standing water contamination. Deficiencies or other issues discovered during the pre-purchase inspection can identify any costly issues the owner should address before the sale.

Another important consideration before closing on the house is to ask the current owners for a glass of tap water. If it smells, tastes or looks bad, that’s going to be the biggest hint that you either need work done on your well water equipment, or you are going to have to invest in a water filtration system for the home at some point. That's a simple test anyone, even those unfamiliar with well water systemps entirely, can use to evaluate the state of well water equipmentt. Additionally, try to find out the age of the well water system equipment because it’s good to be prepared for that extra expense if the equipment is nearing it’s end of usefulness.

Finally, after closing, the very first thing any new homeowner of a property with a water well must do is call a professional to introduce and familiarize the new homeowner with the use and maintenance of their water well system. Moving from city water supply to a well can be intimidating, if not confusing. There are regular maintenance and considerations a new, unfamiliar homeowner needs to know. If you have Gainesville Pump do the pre-purchase inspection they'll already be familiar with your system and what your role is in keeping it in top condition

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Erica Bales