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Water Well Pump Repair, Service & Maintenance

We install and repair well pumps, water treatment systems, pressure tanks, softeners, water conditioning equipment and filtration equipment. Our technicians are available day and night. If you are having a water emergency call us immediately at 352-378-8148 or 386-462-1515. For non-emergent services you can always call us or use the form below.

Owned by Steve Briel, The Gainesville Pump business creed is very simple: conduct yourself in a manner that will make your father proud. Be professional, courteous, punctual, responsible and compassionate. Our focus is better reliability and lower operating costs for your water system's performance.

We offer 24 Hour Emergency Service! Gainesville Pump specializes in well pump and water treatment (water softener) equipment sales, service, repair and installation. Our focus is on improving your water system's performance which results in better reliability, increased pressure and lower operating costs. Beyond Gainesville, we serve customers in Alachua, High Springs, Fort White, Newberry, Archer, Bronson, Williston, Trenton, Hawthorne, Melrose, Keystone, Brooker, La Crosse, Waldo, Micanopy and all the areas in-between!



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Services Provided

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Pump equipment & repair

Gainesville Pump provides professional service, repair, sales and installation of well pumps, tanks and related water treatment system equipment including water softeners. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

shock chlorination

Sometimes your well system can be contaminated by bacteria. Some sources include: damaged pipes, standing flood water, or when a dormant well is returned to service. Shock chlorination of the water source involves the handling and administration of chlorine in an atmosphere containing high voltage.  That’s why we recommend that shock chlorination treatment be performed by a professional, to ensure you and your family’s safety.

softeners & conditioners

We sell, install and repair professional grade water conditioning treatment equipment, but a problem with the pump, tank, pipe or other components can cause water quality issues. We directly address your problem before recommending new equipment.

preventative maintenance

We visit many of our patrons once a year for a “tune-up” of their water system. There is lots of wear and tear that may happen to your water system and a simple repair that we could find and fix during a maintenance visit could avoid a much larger problem that could result in an expensive emergency call to us down the road.

full system inspection

We provide a thorough evaluation of your system including max pressure output, rate of flow, amperage usage, pressure tank pre-charge, tank draw, unnecessary friction losses and proper function of all system components and water treatment equipment.

emergency services 24/7

It doesn’t matter if it's water tanks or well pumps, pressure tanks or just a hole in your pipes, when you don’t have water and you call Gainesville Pump, you get emergency attention. We know that it’s impossible to live without water. Life as you know it has come to a virtual standstill. We understand that it can put you in a panic.


For the past 3 years, Steve Briel of Gainesville Pump been the go-to guy for maintenance & repair of my 20-year-old home water well. He’s an extremely knowledgeable, competent and reliable technician. And always willing to explain an issue in detail as well as outline the remedies to fix it. For anyone with an aging home water well, Steve is a great resource to have.
— Geo S., Gainesville

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