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What is in Our Water When it Rains Too Hard?

Hopefully everyone has recovered from any issues caused by last week's hurricane! It certainly has been refreshing to have more rain again, but we could do without the winds knocking down branches and power outages preventing us from watching the Gator game!

One great thing about having regular, and even heavy, rains is that it's great for replenishing our water tables. This is definitely something to be thankful for, especially as drought issues are having serious consequences for our neighbors in the southwest of the country.

Too much rain, though, can have consequences affecting well owners directly. It's important to pay close attention to your water when we've got day

Oh the Places Youll Pump!

Despite the glamorous moniker of Gainesville Pump, our service area reaches considerably beyond the limits of Gainesville.

We serve from Gainesville to Alachua, High Springs, Fort White, Newberry, Archer Bronson Williston, Trenton, Hawthorne, Melrose, Keystone, Brooker, Lacrosse, Waldo and Micanopy - plus all the areas in-between!

That's a pretty wide area, and we are proud to serve every one of our customers from these great places.

Gainesville Pump is an excellent company. We are large scale Cattle Ranchers in Alachua and Levy Counties. We have a number of pumps spread across both counties. These pumps must always be working as they supply the water to h

When Do You Need A Water Softener?

Once folks learn about what a water softener is, and what it does, the ones who are experiencing the various issues it addresses know almost immediately that it's a missing component of their well pump system. There are some very simple indications that your system has hard water, and the only definitive solution is a water softener. Without adding a softener to your system it will be impossible to remove the mineral deposits in your water causing widespread scale buildup.

Do you know if you've got hard water?

The easiest way to identify whether you have hard water is by inspecting the damage it does to your dishes, glasses and cutlery. The particles that are

Why Did My Dark Hair Turn Green at the Salon?

Gainesville Pump owner, Steve Briel, shared an interesting story with us about the shocking affects of iron water on hair. On the day of his wedding his betrothed was preparing for the day's events, and went to the hair salon to have her hair styled for the ceremony. As the stylist began applying treatment she shrieked with dismay when she saw the bride-to-be's dark hair turn bright green! Naturally, panic ensued, and the stylist was at a loss for what action to take, as the reaction wasn't something that ever had happened before with dark hair and those particular treatment products.

Fortunately, there was another stylist at the salon who had experience with this issue. The styli

This is How Iron Buildup Breaks Pumps

Here at Gainesville Pump we frequently write posts discussing the impact of iron on well pump equipment. It's not that it's an obsession (okay, maybe it is), rather it's due to the fact that it is the most common issue faced by well pump owners in Gainesville and the surrounding areas of Northeast Florida.

Take a look at this photograph. On the left you see a complete mess, gunked up, filled up, blocked up, stopped up and clogged with iron and other mineral buildup. On the right you see the constriction on a line coming from the chlorinator. The chlorinator is supposed to help remove the iron, but even still iron buildup can be so much that chlorinators themselves become impacted