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But My Tire Wasn't Flat When I Parked the Car

Ring…. Ring…. Hello! Gainesville Pump, Dennis speaking!  Is this Gainesville Pump?  Yes it is, how may I help you?  I just don’t know what to do, we don’t have any water, and I’m having a birthday party, with a houseful of people, I can’t wash dishes, the toilets aren’t flushing, people are leaving, my daughter is crying, I’m having a nervous….

Needless to say, we were able to save the day, and the party.

A more appropriate application of, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”would be difficult to imagine.  An example of where an annual water system test and inspection would have more than paid for itself.

I encourage my patrons to have us inspect and test their water system, once a year.  This usually reveals any abnormalities in the systems performance, which can be rectified, before becoming an emergency.  The well location, outside, and usually out of mind, makes it easily neglected.  Murphy! yup!  That same Murphy who wrote the law, rears his ugly head on many an occasion, and will guarantee whatever festivity or holiday you plan, will result with his introduction.

A water system is electrical, and, mechanical, therefore is subjected to numerous scenarios, such as a lowly ant, finding its way into the contacts of the pressure switch, or a fatigued starting capacitor, or a pressure tank with an insufficient precharge, may cause premature failure of your pump, and in some cases, imparts a foul odor, or, cloudy look to your water.  The moral of the story?  Call and schedule an annual, well equipment test, and inspection, and don’t let the neglect of your water system be the cause of your fall from social graces, or, the subject of next weeks, neighborhood gossip!

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