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Some Things New Well Homeowners Need to Know

Ever since I started working for Dennis (owner of Gainesville Pump for those who don’t know him yet) he has drilled it in to my head – no pun intended – that the first thing any new homeowner of a water well needs to do is call a professional to become familiar with the use and maintenance of their water well system.

Dennis recommends that if you are considering the purchase of a home that has a well, you should have a pre-purchase inspection performed; this will inform you as to the water equipment’s state of repair and performance deficiencies, if any. This information is really important as you prepare to negotiate a final proposal.

During the pre-purchase inspection, Gainesville Pump will verify that there is a proper separation between your well, home, waste systems and chemical storage facilities. Other items he will check on include the location of the top of the well. It should preferably be above grade to prevent standing water contamination.

Finally, my unprofessional advice as a person who’s learned just a little bit about wells from working with Dennis: ask the owners for a glass of tap water. If it smells, tastes or looks bad, that’s going to be the biggest hint that you either need work done on your well water equipment or you are going to have to invest in a water filtration system for the home at some point. Dennis has a simple test that he uses to ascertain whether the well water equipment is working optimally Give him a call, it will be well worth the investment.Also, try to find out the age of the well water system equipment because everything has a life span and it’s good to be prepared for that extra expense if the equipment is nearing it’s end of usefulness.

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