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The Difference in Guessing and Knowing What is Wrong With Your Pump

A day doesn’t go by without a call inquiring as to the price of a well pump installation, just a cold call, such as….”I don’t have any water!  How much is a well pump?”  What the caller doesn’t realize is that he is predisposed to purchasing a pump to solve his “No water issue” when in fact, more often than not, a control component has failed, or an electrical-related problem is the culprit.

As an alternative, I recommend we come out on a service call, and through a process of elimination, and verifying, determine exactly what is needed to restore the performance of their well pumping system.  But…. on occasion, I am informed that their neighbor, who is a great guy, who used to know a guy, who was related to a guy, who used to fix well pumps…. but is now selling shoes…said he needed a pump!  Sheeesh!

There are numerous accounts of patrons who spent untold amounts money, all for nothing, as they fell victim to those who meant well.  Our economy necessitates we be prudent with our finances so don’t fall prey to the assumptions or hunches of well-intentioned friends and neighbors because guessing can be an extremely expensive approach…. and is better left for game shows.

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Erica Bales