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What Could Be Causing Low Water Pressure in Your Home?

Dear patrons:

My media advisor, Eunice Coughlin, said to me the other day…”Dennis, you ought to start a blog, and notify your patrons about what’s new in the market place pertaining to water systems, products, and services.”  Well, no pun intended here,I feel as if I’m deluged enough during the course of a day, with, phone calls, scheduling, quoting, ordering, billing, payroll, spinning pipe wrenches…. tote that barge, lift that bale, etc,  and all the tasks associated with running a business, that there just might not be enough gas left to write a blog.  And then I began to think about content, making it interesting enough to warrant my patrons entrusting me with their e-mail address.

And then it hit me, I’m not going to market to my patrons, I’m going to inform them on a vast array of topics and issues, and make it informative, and worth while, like freeze proofing your water system, insulating your pipes, or how to improve your water pressure, what to do first if you turn on the faucet and no water comes out. All useful and valuable things to know.

Now there are some of you out there that I haven’t personally met, and hopefully some day we will have that opportunity, so I will forwarn you, I like a good joke, and I will pepper my blog with stuff to make it light-hearted, as well as informative.   And we’re off….

Bloga numer ono

“Dapresha… shezza no good “,  thats what my grandfather, Salvatore, would have said.  I am a pressure “junkie”, it drives me crazy to see a beautiful home with all the latest conveniences and upgades, marble or granite counters, with the latest faucets and fixtures, and when you run the water, it’s a big disapointment, all show and no go, little to no water pressure.  What could be causing this?

There are a number of things for you to check.  If your water is provided by a well, check to see what the pressure gauge is reading, we like to see between 40 to 60 pounds of pressure on the gauge, is the gauge accurate?  You can test the gauge by turning off the circuit  breaker to the well pump and draining the pressure down to nothing and your gauge should read “zero”. Do this and you have just confirmed wheather your pressure gauge is working or not.

If you have sufficient pressure on the gauge, then check to see if you have an inline filter of sorts, like a cartridge filter in the garage or out by the well. If so, when was the last time you changed it?

Clean your aerators!

Last, clean the aerators on the faucets.  The aerator is at the very end of the faucet and will unscrew from the neck, make sure you place a towel over the drain so nothing falls into it, unscrew the aerator and sit down at the kitchen table and disassemble it.  This will break up any mineral deposits and make them flow like new.

Place the parts as you remove them left to right and don’t mix them up in the order of removal.  Take a pocketknife and scrape the screens clean or a needle and poke the orfices clear, then soak them in a small bowl of white vinegar, for a couple of hours, then brush them with a stiff bristled brush, and rinse them.

Here are the results: hard water deposits are gone and you’ve got water flow that’s back to normal.

Next, hug and kiss your wife and children like you haven’t seen um in a year. God, I love throwin’ them a curve! If this didn’t help, give me a call, it might be something more involved.


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