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Dangerous well pump installations and potential problems

In our next collection of installation pictures (below from left to right), a Gainesville Pump employee is standing in front of a tank that has insufficient electrical protection, electrical wires with no conduit and a control box that is suspended off of the pressure switch as opposed to being affixed to a permanent post or structure. The tank itself is being supported by the piping alone instead of on a concrete pad for a firm solid platform.

copyright Bad wiring final.jpg

The second picture is a very, very unsafe wiring example that a homeowner constructed. If children were playing nearby and happened to grab on to any of those wires, being inquisitive little creatures that they are, they could very well be shocked to death.

The third installation is hazardous in as much as the wiring is not running conduit and all piping is exposed.

Below left , we have another hazardous installation in our customer's yard where piping is exposed and wiring is unsafe Below right, you can see that it's a good sign that your pump needs to be replaced when your pump begins to fall apart and you find shards in your water.

In the picture below, we went to a job where the homeowner had unshielded wires, with no conduit. This is an accident waiting to happen. These wires, carrying 230 volts, were left exposed to the elements. Can you imagine the tragedy if a child or a loved one were to pull on these?

unshielded wiring final.jpg

If you think any of your well pump installations might be dangerous, too, we can help make it right! Give us a call at 352-378-8148 or 352-462-1515. We'll be happy to talk with you about a solution for your water well pump needs.

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Erica Bales