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What's in your water?

Are you curious about what is actually in your water? The best way to find out is to get a water test. If you have a well, we recommend that you have your water tested every year. This will ensure that your family has clean, safe drinking water all year long. If you notice a difference in your water quality (changes that affect the smell, appearance or taste) it is important to test the water immediately.

Water tests will tell you if your water contains bacteria, lead or other contaminants (such as pesticides, radon or arsenic) that could be hazardous to your health. You can check with your local health department or the Florida Department of Health to see if there are specific environmental concerns in your area that may require you to test your water more frequently than once a year.

Water tests can also provide information about other things that might be in your water that are not harmful to your heath, like sulfur, iron, manganese and overall hardness, but can affect the smell, appearance and taste of your water.

In addition to telling you what is in your well water, annual tests can reveal a lot about the performance of your well pump and/or water treatment system. Water tests are an important part of overall maintenance for well owners.

Contact us about a water test any time! Consult the resources below to learn more about water tests.


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  3. Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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