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Well Water in the Summertime

Summer has arrived, and boy, is it HOT! Water consumption is much higher during this time of year, so make sure to check on your well pump regularly because it is working hard! Whether you're watering a garden and filling a pool or just drinking your 8 glasses a day, summer tends to be harder on your well and water treatment system.

When you walk around your well pump, look for any debris that needs to be cleared away. Listen to your pump as it runs for any unusual sounds. Make note and let us know about any potential wiring issues or insects (such as ants) that could cause future electrical problems.

If you have a water softener or chlorination system, they will need to be checked more frequently and might need refills of salt and/or bleach sooner than they would during cooler months.

If you do happen to notice an issue with your well pump or equipment, please call us at Gainesville Pump at (352) 378-8148. We strive for same day service to solve your water problem.

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Erica Bales