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I don't have any water what do I need to do? 3 Quick Tips

Access to clean, reliable water is fundamental to our survival. Not just that, it's essential to our appearance, hygiene and more. Waking up in the morning before work with no water, and unable to shower or boil a pot of coffee can really derail your day. Here are 3 quick tips to get your well pump up and running in a pinch, but don't expect them to fix the underlying cause!

Check the circuit breaker. It is located in the circuit breaker panel found in your home, or sometimes outside on a power pole.  Look for the breaker marked “Well”, or “Pump”, or both, turn the breaker fully to the off position, and then fully to the on position. By doing so, you are resetting the breaker. 

If the pump still refuses to run, and is a submersible type, look for the master pump controller. It is usually constructed of metal, frequently gray in color, and is in the shape of a rectangle. Those equipped with a reset-able thermal overload will have the shape of a shoe box, and often will have a push-type button located under the control box. It can be reset by pushing up on the button…. Do Not Open The Box!!

If the pump comes on, don't celebrate too hard, because the problem is not fixed yet.

That thermal overload was only doing what is was designed to do, by taking the pump out of the circuit due to duress, or overloading.

This where you to STOP!  The voltage supplying the pump is usually 230 volts and can be fatal. If the circuit breaker or thermal overload needed to be reset for the pump to function, call us!!! We will find out what caused this, repair it, and return your water system to normal and reliable service once again.


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Erica Bales