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Have You Seen Your Well Lately?

Knowing the status of your well is important. Even if it's just going out to the pump and looking at it for a moment to see that nothing is obviously wrong. Maintenance like that can help you catch issues before they're problems. You don't even have to touch it, just give it the old "ocular pat-down." If you do this regularly enough and familiarize yourself with the system you'll be ahead of the game in spotting trouble. When that happens, that's when you give us a call.

Repetitive maintenance tasks can be hard to remember, especially when everything's working the way it's supposed to! The best method to keep it that way is to stay on top of things like topping off chlorinators and adding salt to softeners.

Helping you remember is where we come in! While some folks prefer monthly reminder telling them to make sure they don't forget monthly upkeep tasks (like topping off their chlorinator), others prefer to maintain their pumps on a more relaxed quarterly schedule.

Whatever your preference, following a regular maintenance schedule is paramount to the life and function of your pumps and water treatment systems.

Erica Bales