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Building a Pump House? Avoid These Common Mistakes

If you're planning on building some type of housing for your pump, you should definitely keep a few things in mind to save yourself major headaches in the future.

You can find online that there are some very simple DIY building instructions for pump houses. The gist of them is to level the ground, construct the sides and the back, build a door and attach a roof. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, many of the DIY instructions you'll find online leave out important details.

When you build the door to your pump house, make sure that you have enough room to physically access every piece of the equipment. Also make certain that the door is big enough for any of the pump equipment to fit through. If you have to remove a piece of equipment that doesn't fit through the door you may not like having to break down a wall to get at it. Furthermore, if a well needs to be pulled from the ground the roof of the pump house will need to be ripped off to make room for the crane to reach the pump. For this reason we recommend that, if possible, you build your pump house with a removable roof.

Before you spend your next six weekends transforming your unsightly well equipment into a hand-crafted masterpiece, plan ahead. You don't want something to happen requiring the pump be pulled or the equipment can't fit out the door. That means your beautiful work of art will have to be destroyed to remove the equipment. No one wants that.

Think ahead. Build your pump houses with a detachable roof, or make sure the doors are big enough to fit the equipment in or out.

Erica Bales