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Kids, Water Pipes and High Voltage

My brother Joe and I had just returned from a well water service call, when Joe said, “hey, that would make a good blog topic” referring to what we had just witnessed; I said, “yeah, I was thinking the same thing.”  

We had just left a family of 4 with 2 great, well-behaved children.  When we showed up for the service call, we walked around to the side of the house and saw how the well pump, pressure tank and electric pump controls were located behind a barrier of shrubbery about 10 feet tall. The first thing I noticed were toys scattered around the well, and it appeared to be a play location or as we would call it when we were kids, A FORT!!!  This had me concerned because the kids play area contained water pipes under high pressure, and even more concerning, 230 volts of high voltage. The piping was sound and the wiring was run in conduit, but all it would take would be an inquiring little mind with a screwdriver, and the consequences could be deadly.

I expressed my concerns with the dad, and pointed out the dangers.  The father immediately, and calmly, set out to remedy the situation. He said to his son and daughter, “ok, kids we are going to relocate the fort”, and had them pick up their toys, and take them to the yard until they could come up with a suitable location for a new play area. While doing so, his son revealed that one of his playmates had tugged and sat on the pvc piping and would hang from it on occasion.  The dad was calm and authoritative, and his children responded without complaint or grousing, anxious to please.  A very refreshing sight, indeed.

Your well and pumping equipment supply you and your family with life-giving water; please don’t disregard the danger high voltage and water pressure pose to children and pets.  Enclose and protect your well water equipment so that everyone is safe.  Thank you, Dennis


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Erica Bales