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What is shock chlorination?

Shock chlorination of a well is recommended:

  • - when bacteria is present in the water

  • - after flooding

  • - upon completion of a new well installation

  • - after certain repairs

  • - when iron or sulfur bacteria is present in the water

The process involves introducing a high concentration of chlorine bleach to the well itself in order to kill bacteria and get rid of other contaminants. During disinfection, the bleach must sit in the well for 48 hours, and then it must be thoroughly flushed out by running taps and hoses around the home. The well should not be used during this time, as the water is not suitable for consumption by people or animals.

Shock chlorination is most effective when the chlorine can reach all parts of your home water system (hot water heaters, pipes, etc). Depending on where your well water goes and what it is used for, special precautions might be necessary for more complex systems (like irrigation).

For iron bacteria, the shock chlorination should be followed by installation of a chlorination dosage system in order to keep the iron levels in check. See our post about how to address iron bacteria in a well for more information.

If you think you might need shock chlorination, give us a call. We're happy to help!

Additional Resources:

  1. New Mexico State University College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences

  2. Aqua Source Water Education

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