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The Situation of Iron Bacteria in Well Pumps

Iron bacteria found in well pumps can be a problem in Gainesville and other parts of North Florida. In the attached picture you can see a pipe end that is normally 1¼” in diameter. Iron bacteria build-up has reduced it to ½” diameter. This restriction causes extreme friction losses in the plumbing causing a multitude of problems:reduced water pressure in the home, excessive back pressure on the pump and staining of all fixtures or anything else that comes in contact with the water. 

For iron bacteria removal in this instance, Gainesville Pump would replace the piping in the well, shock chlorinate the well and house piping to kill off the bacteria, followed by a complete purge of the system.  The chlorination of the well and piping is only an initial step, the water system needs a chlorinating dosage system installation to have an iron and bacteria-free water supply.

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Erica Bales