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Chlorination System Dos and Don'ts

DO maintain your system regularly. Add 1 bottle of bleach to your system at least once a month to maintain water quality.

DO use the right kind of chlorine in your chlorination system. We recommend using regular, plain Clorox (or Publix brand) ONLY. Make sure to read the bottle and pay close attention to the information below.

DO NOT use the wrong kind of bleach, including anything that is splashless, concentrated or scented. All three of these will wreak havoc on your water because they cause problems like excess bubbles or odd flavors/odors.

DO NOT go with cheap, off-brand alternatives you might find at dollar stores or in discount bins. These are often watered down, and contain hardly any bleach at all. Make sure to read the bottle carefully to make sure you are purchasing 100% bleach and not a bleach/water solution (some of which contain only 3% bleach!). You can save money and still get what you need by watching the sales at grocery stores or buying in bulk at Sam's, Costco or Amazon.

Erica Bales